Oculus Rift

Though it may not have happened as quickly as some expected, this Virtual Reality technology is still making endless improvements to its design, with the latest iterations of the software and hardware cleaning up its bugs and glitches, and helping combat the common issue of motion sickness. The Rift is definitely starting to become one of the most exciting and game changing products on the market. Still hard at work developing technologies for its PC design, latency and refresh rates.

Collaborating with Samsung to create the Oculus Gear, this new version is designed to connect with the powerful hardware of the Samsung Note 4 phone via a micro USB connector in the front of the device. This new system just needs to be plugged in and then the user is capable of wirelessly enjoying their HD content remotely from this stylish headpiece. At this stage the concept is still in development, but Samsung seem invested in the idea and though the company is yet to talk hugely about gaming potential, the very idea of portable VR glasses that run off your phone’s hardware does have the potential to change how we think of portable gaming, and how we experience it too.

It’s an exciting time for mobile gaming. Though most of these new ideas and technologies are still to be put through the commercial test with the average consumer behind the wheel, the setup for wireless tech becomes easier by the day and these devices begin to seamlessly connect together to offer the same or similar gaming experiences no matter what device you have on you. As we experiment with new powerful phones, tablets and computer technology, gamers have an interesting new age of portable gaming technology to look forward to. Better start saving now.

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