Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward

It’s been over a year since Eorzea came at us in its refashioned A Realm Reborn clothes, so perhaps it’s not so surprising that the game’s saviour and producer, Naoki Yoshida, took to the stage recently to announce the first expansion. The chocobo in the room? That it’s set to be so darned rammed full of stuff.

as it is written in MMO law, this 3.0 overhaul will see the level cap rise from 50 to 60, across every last job and profession. There’ll be a glut of new areas to journey to as your avatars take a trip to
the northern city of Ishgard, alongside a whole new race. What will that race be? Oh, yoshi-P does like to keep secrets! We do know that one nPC character of this race is already in the game. yugiri, who’s covered from head to toe with a hooded sash, boasts a mouse-like tail and what appear to be floppy rabbit ears.

There’ll be several new jobs on offer, including the Dark Knight, which is officially confirmed, and possibly the Gunner if early rumours are to be believed. Our prediction? Keep an eye out for a healer role class to surface at some point to help keep things balanced. There’ll be a fistful of new dungeons to tackle with your fellow guild members, as well as high end raids which are yet to be revealed. But here’s the kicker for all of you rocket Town alumni: airships and flying. With the release of Heavensward you’ll be able to get a flapping black chocobo and your own craft to bother the clouds in.

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