Just Cause 3: the world on fire

We were honestly starting to think it might never happen, but Avalanche Studios has finally unveiled the open-world action game we’ve been waiting for. It’s hard to believe it has taken so long for Just Cause to make a return four years, not that we’ve been counting because it’s so easy to understand and appreciate the core appeal of the series. Not to mention the desire from fans to see a sequel blast into the next generation via the Xbox One.

Just Cause 2 essentially let us all create the most audacious action sequences our imaginations have ever conceived: parachuting into military complexes with C4 in hand, gun fights atop moving vehicles and crumbling evil regimes with destructive intent. Oh, and the ability to tether any two objects human or otherwise together for chaotic results. The 2015sequel will be bigger and bolder then, if that's even possible to imagine.

Avalanche's Just Cause 3 is looking to take everything we loved about its predecessor and refine it, to make the action as chaotic and explosive as possible. The controls have been refined, making it easier than ever to pull off crazy stunts, and the combat system entirely reworked to ensure it’s just as fun shooting an AK as it is blowing stuff up with C4. Oh, and you now have an infinite supply of C4, which is ludicrous.

While driving is being completely overhauled by a team helmed by ex-Burnout developers, it’s still more fun riding on-top of vehicles. Avalanche has lifted movement restriction here letting you walk around car roofs and aeroplane wings to your hearts content which makes it even easier to tether all manner of explosive devices to enemy personnel on the fly.

Avalanche’s mission goal with Just Cause 3 is clearly to make you feel more comfortable in the air. You’ll be weaker, more vulnerable on the ground. But by making it easier than ever to chain link your items the parachute, the wing suit and grappling hook it’s possible to move around the 400-square miles of tropical island quickly, ensuring you’re never too far away from something, or someone, to blow up. Which is excellent news. Just Cause 3 is coming in 2015, and it’s looking like the sequel we always hoped Avalanche would deliver. This is the sort of game  that  “Xbox,  Record that” was built for.

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