Kingdom Hearts III: it’s all a bit mickey mouse

It’s been ten years since we last had a fully fledged, numbered addition to the Kingdom Hearts series, and Sora’s gotten all grown up in the meantime.

Not so much so that he’s entirely put away childish things, mind you can still expect appearances from such Disney stalwarts as Mickey, Donald, Goofy and the gang. This time, in a plot that leads on from 2012’s 3DS outing Dream Drop Distance, you need to seek out seven guardians in a bid to stop all-round rotter Master Xehanort’s evil plan to spread darkness like it’s February in Iceland. And not even Icelanders want that. While you’re at it, you’ll need to collect a ‘Key of Return Hearts’, too.

Whatever that is, we can’t wait to hunt it out in the game’s uniquely oddball world with all its new-gen bells, whistles and Disney Magic.TM

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