PlayStation TV: Sony’s New Micro Console

Just what does this new coaster-sized gizmo actually do? If you’ve been recently pondering such a question, let’s quickly dispel the things that PlayStation TV isn’t. So… it’s not an actual television shrunken to absurdly tiny proportions. Nor is it an all-conquering multimedia hub. And it’s certainly not a substitute for owning a PS4.

Instead, Sony’s new hardware offers a handy solution for gamers who are frequently forced to share (God forbid) their PS4. Thanks to its nifty streaming capabilities, PlayStation TV allows you to play your favourite games on a second tellybox via remote Play. are your kids/significant other/long-lost evil twin desperate to hog your new-gen baby so they can watch Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie? not a problem… well, aside from their horrendous taste. Simply pair your PS4 and PS TV on the same home network and you can immediately stream content between the devices. never again will you have to forgo late night binges on Destiny because the family TV is busy. With the £84.99 gadget, you can suddenly stream your PS4 favourites to that telly in the den.
“PlayStation TV allows you to Stream your PS4 games onto a Second tellybox”
TV or not TV
In the unlikely event money is no object and you already own multiple PS4s, PlayStation TV also comes in handy for Vita owners. With innards that are near identical to Sony’s handheld, and slots for your Vita games and memory cards, the device allows you to play your portable titles on that 50-inch flat screen. There’s even an option within its menus to activate the DualShock 4’s touchpad, so that it can act as a substitute for Vita’s unique control interfaces.

There are some downsides, though. Due to bandwidth limitations, you can only stream PS4 games in 720p, certain Vita games look as rough as a feral badger when blown up onto your telly, and PS TV is lacking as a media device with only Crunchyroll and Crackle supported. not exactly netflix or iPlayer, huh? Far from an essential gadget then, though its PS4 streaming is handy for those who don’t like to play nice.

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