Starcraft II: Legacy Of The Void, Kerrigan’ll give you up

Blizzard’s been hella busy this month, but zerg-rushing its way out of Blizzcon came news that the final part of the Warcraft makers’ sci-fi strategy masterpiece was inbound. Already got your ’rines lined up in the wake of said news? It’s about to get better…

Chances are you've been waiting to find out what’ll happen between the series’ stalwart space hard ass Jim raynor and iconic temptress/antagonist Kerrigan. The two’s story will come to its conclusion, alongside a yarn focused on protoss hero, artanis, as he attempts to retake his people’s homeworld.

Command and conquer
Over in multiplayer, a whole new co-op mode is being introduced. archon will pit two teams of two against one another, allowing each duo to control one base between them. If the 2v2 angle seems a bit too confrontational, then there’s always the equally brand spanking allied Commander mode, which allows a co-op team to band together against aI odds. Players will have to unite under commanders who'll bestow abilities, upgrades and special bonuses. With each scenario that the team conquers, their commander can be upgraded.

But if it’s the hardcore competitive multiplayer that gets your C-14’s locked and loaded, then hail the news that more unique units will enter the fray. Lurkers, making a return from the first Starcraft, will roll out for the zerg, touting ground-based spine attacks. Meanwhile, the protoss will field a new weapon: The Disruptor is an area-of-effect unit almost like a walking landmine. Eyes may be on Blizzard’s new IP, but meaty expansions such as these are proving to be its bread and butter.

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