Resident Evil: Revelations 2, release date

Resident Evil 's episodic spin-off  Revelations 2 is coming soon, according to a new trailer and blog post by Capcom. Launching locally on all platforms on February 18 th, 2015, subsequent episodes are due to launch weekly afterwards.

Besides a launch date, more news was revealed. Each episode will be priced at $5.99, while the season pass will be $24.99 (roughly R70 and R280). A boxed copy is due for launch on March 13 th, and will contain extra DLC, such as costumes and side-stories, and cost $39.99. Long-time  Resi  character Barry Burton was also announced as a playable character, and the story will be split between his campaign and Jill Valentine’s. Barry will be joined by newcomer Natalia Korda, who has the ability of videogame-logic (can see hidden items and enemies).

Besides the characters, Capcom gave some more details about two of the game’s enemies: The Revenent and The Rotten. Both sound like horrific and gruesome monsters, but sadly neither of these are actually zombies.

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