Apotheon: Review

Paying for a service like PSN Plus has its upsides, some of which are not immediately apparent. This includes the release of numerous games each month that can be downloaded and played for free. Not only does it do a lot to quiet down the grumbling of those who don’t like the idea of forking over cash to play console games online, but it also opens the doors for a number of indie developers, who’s games tend to be the bread-and-butter of this offering.

Apotheon is such a game, and it comes in as a quality title that makes payment for gaming seem a little less of a grudge purchase.

The player takes on the role of Nikandreos, a resident of the Greek village of Dion. This settlement has earned the ire of Zeus, chief of the Olympian gods, and is undergoing all kinds of strife. Hera, Zeus’ wife, colludes with Nikandreos, and the hero takes on a quest to scale Mount Olympus and set everything right.

Apotheon is a side scrolling action title, along the lines of a complex platform game. It features well thought out combat and a degree of customisation, including new weapons and armour that can be found during the player’s travels.

It encourages and rewards exploration and creative thinking even some of the boss fights are less about combat and more about solving puzzles.

But the real joy of Apotheon is its presentation, which borrows very heavily from ancient Greek art. That, combined with great music, makes for a game that is very appealing to the senses.

While Apotheon does have one or two minor quirks, it is well worth the effort, and makes for an engrossing and rewarding experience overall.


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