Destiny 2: We totally remembered a story this time!

After several expansions that showed off new hallways behind previously locked doors in the maps we’ve run around in for hundreds of hours, Bungie is finally ready for a true sequel.

One of the chief complaints about the first game was its extremely thin story. That all changes now. In addition to the traditional titan, hunter, and warlock classes, Destiny 2 will have a new loremaster class. “The loremaster doesn’t actually have any attacks,” says Bungie’s David Dague (aka DeeJ). “Whenever you pull the trigger, he or she will recite the history of whatever planet you’re on at the time or describe in real-time what the other characters in the fireteam are doing.”

To ensure no one misses the narrative, players will have to be in earshot of the loremaster to earn “listening” shards and energy. Rather than collecting raid gear and materials to max your character, this will be the only way to upgrade the top-tier Ear Trumpet armor set with sufficient light to reach level 40.

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