Destiny: House of wolves, Bungie’s new DLC expansion howls at the stars

The game so big, it just won’t die. the shooter somehow finds itself back in our previews section nearly six months on. By Crota’s craggy thighs: will it ever be done? With the second big DLC expected to hit late spring/early summer, the answer is, “not for a long old while.”

So, you were originally expecting HOW in Feb, huh? Guess again. Following on from a massive Reddit leak detailing the add-on’s alleged new weapons, armour and vehicles Bungie was forced to confirm the vague release date of… uh, sometime before June.

Naughty code-hacking has produced leaked shots from the new DLC, showcasing fresh Legendary guns and Guardian garb, which should prove useful for firing your way through three new story missions, plus an additional Strike and Raid. Though the shots look legit, Bungie’s David Dague has revealed all of this stealthily procured content is subject to change. “We reserve the right to overwrite anything you’re looking at right now,” he said speaking on Bungie.net. “Any stats or assumptions about power or impact or handsomeness are months old…” Let’s just hope The Fun Police stays in.
“New Weapons include a void Shotgun Called ‘The  Fun Police’.”
Yeah, it looks like Bungie is introducing a Void shotgun with the best name ever. One of the initial leaks contains pics of 24 new vendor guns, spanning every weapon class. Those ranks are also reportedly padded with a launcher called ‘Scorch Torch CC’.

Way Of The Warrior
Shots of juicy new Raid gear have also slithered out. Again, these could change, but currently, HOW will give Titans the Wolf Walker set, Hunters get gear based around the Kell and Warlocks can look forward to clobber that rocks an Archon Priest vibe. Raid designer Luke Smith also promises, “the mistakes we made with DLC 1 reward economy will not be repeated.” Hopefully that means our Crota’s End bling won’t be made redundant when HOW comes howling on to PSN.

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