Dollhouse: Room 1313, All fright on the night

There’s no shortage of first-person scares available on Steam should you go looking, but the ultra-dark Dollhouse seems to have an intriguing edge on its competitors. Not only randomly generated (YouTube can’t save you now, folks), it allows you to see through the eyes of your pursuer. Your pursuer who also happens to be your conscience, and should you choose to take a peek inside its head it’ll know exactly where you are and instantly come and hunt you down. Not exactly Jiminy Cricket.

Much like our nightmares, Dollhouse is heavily inspired by the work of Stephen King, and allows you to discover your own narrative as you unravel the story of a therapist, a lonely housewife and a disturbed child. Uncovering doodles and recording the story across eight procedurally generated environments, the game is non-linear and would rather keep you in the dark both figuratively and literally.

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Even more intriguingly, you don’t need to venture alone. A friend can  join in to help you collect recordings or become your pursuer and chase you through the world. Plans are also afoot for other players to upload their own doodles and stories into the game, so if the developers twisted brains weren’t enough you can live through other people’s nightmares too. Sweet dreams.

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