Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, prepares to fight the future on current-gen

The story of Adam Jensen’s current-gen comeback all starts off a bit Nineteen Eighty-Four. No, not the year you’d expect to find Tommy Vercetti splattering his Hawaiian shirt with Goodfellas gore, rather George Orwell’s vision of a dystopic future; one where an oppressive surveillance state rules over society.

Taking its inspiration from the classic novel, Square Enix teased the return of the legendary sci-fi series via a voyeuristic, interactive ‘Can’t Kill Progress’ Twitch stream.

Of course, then Game Informer went and revealed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and all that enigmatic mystery drummed up through moody interrogation footage of a transhuman locked in a cell evaporated in a puff of augmented smoke. Party poopers. Ah well, at least the game looks super spiffing.
Jensen can now hack from afar and use a nanoshield.
Set two years after the events of Human Revolution in 2029, the latest Deus Ex storms onto PS4 powered by Eidos Montreal’s Dawn Engine and boasting a raft  of improvements. With Adam ‘60-a-day voice’ Jensen back to save the day, the developer is promising even more player choice, tweaked combat and improved AI. The latter should ensure entering gun battles as the former Sarif Industries employee will be as engaging as the franchise’s thoughtful stealth.

Jensen has a bulging new bag of cybernetically altered tricks. This time out, the beardy bionic man can remote-hack electronic gizmos and terminals from afar, coat himself in a nanoshield and fire his snazzy wrist blade like a homicidal boomerang.

Mercifully, with increased social interactions added to the mix, Adam will be able to talk his way out of situations, should you not fancy going straight to Murder Town. It’s even possible to stealth the entire game, bosses as well, without killing.

Cruel To Be Mankind
In terms of plot, the narrative is very much a direct continuation of Human Revolution’s most popular climax, which saw a schism erupt through society. Thanks to the Illuminati (Deus Ex’s pesky clandestine group that seeks dominion over all mankind), augmented folk are now hated by the rest of humanity; the unfortunate outed souls forced to either fight or run. This has subsequently caused terror groups to rise up, which is where Mr Jensen and his Interpol-funded Task Force 29 enter the shooty/stealthy picture.

Human Revolution was a terrific reimagining of a legendary gaming series, no doubt. But that doesn’t mean Mankind Divided doesn’t have areas to work on. Of chief concern should be HR’s ruddy awful bosses. Eidos Montreal promises these encounters will be improved, but honestly, rubbing cooking salt under your eyelids would be an upgrade on that Jaron fight. Providing the studio can concoct another beguiling blend of open-ended sneaky combat, though, this should be a cracker.

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