Evolve: Behemoth and Hunter DLC, 2K Games’ new monster delivers a flummoxing fiscal flurry

This should be so simple: there’s a new monster and four new hunters available. But good crikey, the pricing appears  to have been devised by the devious mind of The Riddler himself. For example, new monster the Behemoth, which was previously available to pre-order customers for free, is now available to all for  £ 11.99. Meanwhile, the four new hunters are included in Evolve’s ‘Hunting’ season pass for £ 19.99, or for  £ 6.19 each.

We’re not out of the woods yet the Behemoth isn’t included in that same season pass, so if you want him  and the new hunters, you’re looking at an outlay of over  £ 30. Beyond simply ‘convoluted,’ it’s enough to make a Greek economist reach for the working out paper. Oh, and just to tip you over the edge, a new Observer mode’s just been added to the game. For free. Because at this point, hey, why not?
Its pricing model is enough to make A greek economist reach for the working out paper.
The quartet of new hunters makes up an extra character for each class: Torvald’s a cyborg Assault with a mortar cannon arm, Crow’s  a Trapper with a pet Batray, Slim the Medic is full of genetic hotwiring, and Sunny the Support carries a ‘mininuke’ grenade launcher.

And as for the Behemoth, he’s the ultimate tank monster type. Massive, lumbering, easily mistaken for a cliff. All worthy additions, sure, but this isn’t how to deal out DLC.

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