MonsterBag: PS Vita, Review

MonsterBag is part of the growing number of indie games that shows that the gaming community at large enjoys the creativity of smaller design studios, in addition to appreciating the big name blockbusters. The fact is that the very existence of these types of games means that the market accepts them, and their contribution to the world of gaming is, above all, fresh ideas.

MosterBag follows a very simple principle. The player takes control of a monster-shaped backpack called V, who has been separated from his friend and owner, Nia. The mission is simple; get back to Nia. But to do so the player will need to get through lots of people, leaping from back to back to do so… and some of those people want V dead. So do the aliens that show up, inexplicably, in the later parts of the title.

MonsterBag sets itself up to be a simple, timing based platformer with a cause-and-effect puzzle flavour for variety. Possessed of a unique, simplistic art style, MonsterBag could have set itself apart from other gaes quite easily. However, it doesn’t take too long for the wheels to fall off.

Later parts of the game get excruciatingly difficult. With a large reliance on stealth, the game demands precise timing from the player, but later on the windows of opportunity get so small that the game descends into the realms of frustrating mess. That, coupled with Vita controls that get just a little too finicky from time to time, means that MonsterBag misses its mark more often than not. Where it could have been something of a definitive title, it becomes something that is painful to play.

That’s a pity, really, because the ideas at the core of the game are solid.


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