Where next for GTA V’s single player DLC?

We’re creeping up on the two-year anniversary since Rockstar Games launched GTA V on PS3 and Xbox 360. In the meantime we’ve had shiny new PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, and a glut of improvements to the Online side of things, including the epic co-op heists. But details of an expansion to the single-player game are rarer than a reasoned Trevor Phillips thought. By completing GTA V a bunch of times, combing Southern San Andreas for clues, we’re taking a stab at what that DLC will eventually entail.  

The story of Antonia bottino
You rescue Antonia from two hillbillies who are about to bury her alive in a random event. She then spills information that may lead to a new storyline. Her papa, Sonny, is a member of the Gambetti family from GTA IV. They’re in los Santos under witness protection, but it appears they’ve been found.  Cue potential drama for the Bottinos.

Grove street families rise up
We’re surprised by how little attention the GSF get. Franklin’s a member, but his eyes are firmly on the loot with Michael rather than the spats with the Ballas. However, there’s bad blood between the crews, and with lamar always one step from trouble, an old-school turf war would work. A reappearance of San Andreas’ CJ would bring lapsed players back in their droves. 

Merryweather’s revenge
Donald Percival is a powerful man. He’s also not someone to mess with. Percival says this in a text message he sends to Trevor, Michael and Franklin, with an aggressive reminder not to cross him again. He knows who the trio are, so how long will it be before he decides to come back at them with hell’s fury? Percival and Merryweather would be a great new enemy to overcome.

Ferdinand kerimov returns
Ferdinand Kerimov is shocked, waterboarded, and has a tooth ripped from his jaw by the ever-manic Trevor Phillips. But despite being dropped off at the airport and told to get away from San Andreas, it looks like he decides against it. Instead of going toward departures, he stumbles down steps in the opposite direction. Kerimov could return with an Azeri crew to seek revenge.

Mrs phillips
Trevor’s mysterious moment with his estranged mother does two things. Firstly, it proves why Trev is unhinged as her abuse turns him into a quivering wreck. Secondly, the brief cameo and subsequent disappearance has us wondering if she’s ever going to return for that van full of Deludamol. Or is his mother a figment of his imagination? It’s a loose end we’d like tied up.

Alien invasion
There has to be a logical conclusion to all the alien appearances throughout GTA V. If they’re not found trapped under the ice, they’re abducting Michael in their uFOs. Rockstar could just be throwing us a curveball, but with a Horde mode being one of the most requested features from fans, aliens might just might land. GTA V: Independence Day DlC, anyone? 

Casino heist
The casino in los Santos is currently closed, but it’s almost certain to open soon. It’s perfect for an Ocean’s Eleven-esque robbery, and fits the bill of a location that Rockstar likes to showcase their heists. It’s a matter of when, not if, it will become active. you can be guaranteed that as soon as it does we’ll have new gambling minigames. The crew are definitely sticking up this place.

San Andreas Comeback Tour
Just thinking of a whole new area to play around in sets off a fizz in our bellies. The idea of going back to GTA: San Andreas locations such as San Fierro (San Francisco) and las Venturas (las Vegas) is almost too exciting to contemplate. One thing is certain: Rockstar wants the campaign DlC to be a momentous occasion. Two fat packs containing these areas would fit this mould.

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