Hail all Lurkers at the Threshold!

By TAG team

No, this isn't about Lovecraft

We have noticed that the amount of readers of the blog has grown, but the amount of commenters not so much. Because we are always eager to have more friends of adventure games share their thoughts with the community and wish that every reader would feel welcome in our midst, we are interested to find out what are the reasons for readers remaining lurkers and whether we as a community could do something to make you feel more welcome.

We've set up for the next two weeks a poll to find out in more detail what's the biggest reason holding people back from commenting. In addition, we've also opened up the comments section for anonymous writers, in case that's what has been bothering you. We try to allow anonymous commenting at least for the duration of the poll, but if the number of spammers and trolls grows unmanagebale, we will have to break the test earlier. Then again, if all goes well, we might continue allowing anonymous commenting longer.

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