Results of the Lurker Poll

by The TAG team

The Lurker poll ended a while ago, and it seems that most non-commenters just didn't feel they'd have anything to contribute to the discussion or then they just didn't want to go through all the fuss of creating an account, just to make a comment. We've now decided to solve the latter problem in an easy way and to continue accepting anonymous commenting in the future.

We've also considered carefully how to deal with CAPs and anonymous comments. We'd surely want to reward good comments, no matter if they are made anonymously. So, we've made a clever innovation. We'll set up a Bank of Anonymous in the CAP scoreboard, and each time an anonymous commenter earns some CAPs, they are automatically stored to the Bank. And how will the CAPs be used? Well, the details are a bit hazy - and feel free to make great suggestions - but rest assured that your CAPs will be safe in the Bank of Anonymous!

No one has managed to break through our securities

Full Results:

Why do you lurk instead of commenting?

Hey, I do comment!

  14 (18%)
I just don't think I'd have anything to contribute to the discussion
  29 (37%)
You all seem so critical that I am scared to comment
  0 (0%)
You do not allow commenting anonymously and I don't want to reveal my identity
  3 (3%)
I don't want to trouble myself with creating an account just to make a comment
  11 (14%)
I'm just a mindless spam bot that accidentally pressed this option
  7 (9%)
What, is it possible to comment?
  0 (0%)
I have other reasons for not commenting
  13 (16%)

Votes: 77

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