New Poll: Should we change our colours?

By TAG Team

When the photographer was gone, Suzie quickly jumped from Java to adventure gaming

A regular reader has asked us whether we could change our background colour to white, because apparently the black background of The Adventure Gamer has resulted in some queer looks from employers of the reader. As we did not feel we should do any major changes for the blog design just for the sake of one delinquent procrastinating at work, we decided to ask the opinion of all our readers: do you like the current colours of the blog or would you like to see them changed?

Since white-on-white looks a bit bland, we probably couldn't change just background colour, but we would have to modify the colours of other elements quite a lot. If we do end up changing the blog colours, we probably need the help of someone with experience in graphical design. So, if you have some expertise and would like to help us redesign the blog in exchange for some CAPs, say hello to us in comments.

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