New Poll: Choose the best Missed Classic of all times

By TAG team

We’ve had a poll for games in our main list, but never one for Missed Classics, so this time you’ll get to decide which of them you liked best. We’ve included only Missed Classics we have completed so far in the poll.

Since you might not remember all of the Missed Classics we have covered, here’s a quick rundown. Our very first Missed Classic was Mystery House, the first in Sierra’s Hi-Res Adventure -series. Other parts of that series covered on our blog have been Wizard and the Princess and Mission: Asteroid, and Joe Pranevich has promised we’ll see the rest of them on the blog some day. In addition, we’ve also reviewed Sierra’s only all-text adventure, Softporn.

Where it all began

We’ve done other pure text adventures, including the very game that gave its name to the whole genre, Adventure. We have also seen a blatant clone of the original, Level 9’s Colossal Adventure, which tried to combine Adventure with Tolkien. Level 9 continued this tale with Adventure Quest and Dungeon Adventure, both of which have already appeared on the blog. If it’s up to Ilmari, we’ll see some more handiwork of Level 9 in the future.

Hey, at least there's more colours than in Mystery House!

And don’t forget our annual Christmas Classics. This series began with Merry Christmas from Melbourne House and continued with A Spell of Christmas Ice. Who knows what unknown classic we’ll find for next Christmas?

In a few months, this sleigh will fly again

A somewhat different experience was The Scoop, a detective story guest reviewed by our most foul-mouthed commenter, Kenny. In addition to The Scoop, we’ve also reviewed Infocom’s detective adventure trilogy: Deadline, Witness and Suspect. And speaking of trilogies, you shouldn’t forget the three games based on Marvel comics: Questprobe Featuring the Hulk, Questprobe Featuring the Spiderman, and Questprobe Featuring the Human Torch and the Thing, which were designed to be part of a more extensive series of games.

Let's sit on a couch and think about it

Many of our Missed Classic have been based on literary works, such as The Hobbit from Melbourne House, which wedded Tolkien's classic fantasy book with a chaotic system of freely roaming NPCs, and Seas of Blood, a game based on a game book and our first look on the early works of Adventure International (UK). And of course we reviewed Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood. Yes, they do make adventure games for children, also. Another game from this subgenre was the educational classic, The Islands of Beta.

Most of the Missed Classics have been text adventures and their graphics were rather crude. But we have reviewed also more technically advanced adventure games, like It Came From the Desert, which was filled with beautiful, state of the art graphics.

For once, a Missed Classic that looks good

Final Results:

Mystery House   1 (1%) 
Adventure   5 (7%) 
Merry Christmas from Melbourne House   0 (0%)
The Scoop   7 (10%) 
Wizard and the Princess   1 (1%) 
Questprobe Featuring the Hulk   1 (1%) 
Mission: Asteroid   0 (0%)
Softporn   5 (7%) 
Questprobe Featuring the Spiderman   4 (6%) 
It Came From the Desert   22 (34%) 
Questprobe Featuring the Human Torch and the Thing   1 (1%) 
Colossal Adventure   1 (1%) 
Adventure Quest   0 (0%)
Dungeon Adventure   0 (0%)
A Spell of Christmas Ice   0 (0%)
Deadline   4 (6%) 
Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood   2 (3%) 
Witness   2 (3%) 
The Hobbit   5 (7%) 
Seas of Blood   1 (1%) 
Suspect   1 (1%) 
The Islands of Beta   1 (1%) 
Votes so far: 64 
Poll closed

The Winner Is...
It Came From the Desert!

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