Let the Hero-U Month Begin!

By The TAG Team

A wise man once said, "Magic is the essence and soul of life, and the Wizard is her poet." Truer words have not been spoken, but in our world "magic" comes through the design of fantastic games, and those designers are the poets. Ever since Trickster played Hero’s Quest, The Adventure Gamer has had the pleasure of cooperating with the Coles, the legendary designer couple behind, among other things, the beloved Quest for Glory -series. The blog has especially benefited from the comments of Corey Cole, who has always had time to reveal insights about their adventure games and to recount experiences about working at Sierra.

With the happy coincidence of the combined playthrough of Quest for Glory III with CRPG Addict and the soon upcoming release of Hero-U, the long awaited new game from the Coles, the administrators of The Adventure Gamer have decided to dedicate the month to the past and future games of the Coles.

It's almost finished!

For the duration of our Hero-U Month, we’ve changed our banner into a beautiful design, specifically made for the Adventure Gamer by Lori Cole. In addition, the Coles have shared with us access to the latest version of Hero-U and we have a secret reviewer already playing it. In a few weeks, shortly before the planned release date of Hero-U, our secret reviewer will give us a small (and major spoiler-free) glimpse on what to expect from the Coles’ new work of art. I have it on good authority that there will be meeps.

Our interview with Corey Cole, arranged by Trickster back in the earliest days of the blog, was fantastic but Mr. Cole has been kind enough to agree to sit down with us for a community interview. Send us your questions for the Coles, either by commenting here or sending to to our e-mail (adventuregamer@googlegroups.com). We will be hand-delivering the interview questions on the back of a saurus. Get in your questions soon! We expect the interview will be published around the same time as our Hero-U glimpse.

A series most of us loved

We also plan to do a Quest for Glory retrospective, based on the memories gamers have of that legendary series. We would thus kindly ask all our readers to share with us memorable moments from the time you spent playing Quest for Glories and to recount the things in these games that have left an impression. We kindly ask you to send these memories to our e-mail (adventuregamer@googlegroups.com), so that the comments of this post wouldn’t contain any spoilers for the retrospective. The most interesting memories will be rewarded with CAPs and small prizes.

Of course, Hero-U is a game in development and sometimes games in developments slip. We'll be watching the release dates with glad anticipation and make adjustments in our coverage as necessary. Or, in the words of another great man... er... rodent, "Cheese, please!"

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