B.A.T. II - Lost!

By Ilmari

Will they ever release me from this torment?
The developers of Koshan Conspiracy have shown how they love doing simulators. Now they decided to create the most realistic prison simulator ever, which reveals how utterly boring and full of ennui a life in jail is - you just look through your window, waiting the hours to go by and doing nothing. Even all my equipment was gone.

Children, this is your fate if you try a life of crime

Two times every day I had a chance to enter a canteen and take some water and bread rolls filled with sausages. Either I’ve encountered another bug or my character is very badass, since I got him to drink only one bottle of water and to eat only one bread roll during the whole time. He did munch all the sausages, so perhaps he is just a dedicated carnivore. At the end, my inventory was filled with uneaten bread and water.

Once when I was enjoying my meal, couple of the inmates started to argue with one another. “Plot point!”, the game was crying, so I clicked the new hotspot. I was taken to a holding cell for the rest of the day and I got no more food. I could chat with a fellow inmate and exchange a bread roll for a pain stick. After one day had passed, I was transferred back to my own cell.

Once every day I could enter the arena and do a single fight. At first, I was meant to battle with a robot to show my worth as a gladiator. The interface was pretty simple - I could go left and right and hit. After a few training sessions, I found a good tactic - go to one end of the screen, hit droid when it comes, quickly go to the other end and repeat.

Just one more hit and I’ve done it.

After two victorious battles with droid, I received a right to go to real battles.

In a quite cool fashion, a digitised actor can be heard saying “Ave Caesar, morituri te
salutant”, just like in real gladiator fights. The developers sure knew their classic history

...or then they just read Asterix

The gladiator battles weren’t that different from the fights with the droid. There were just three different enemies, rotating in the same order - one with a sword, one with a spiked steel ball and one with a trident. The trident fighter was the toughest, but only because the animation with the trident coming down screwed the movement of my character and I couldn’t really dodge the hits. That problem I solved simply by lowering the DOSBox cycles, and after that, none of the fights were any problem.

I don’t really understand why these are called technoglads,
when there’s nothing futuristic in their battles.

But despite how many fights I went through, nothing happened.

I am quite embarrassed to say what the solution to this problem was, because on hindsight it was quite obvious. You see, after every successful battle I got to choose whether to spare my opponent or not. At first I hadn’t paid that much attention to the proceedings, but I should have followed the demands of the crowd.

The audience are putting their thumbs down

No mercy it is then

After I caught on to this, I needed only few victories to get the plot moving.

Deus ex machina

It is always a bit of a letdown in a graphical adventure game when big plot developments are presented in a block of text. This is even worse, when the plot developments feel abrupt and unbelievable. And typos don’t really help here.

I was taken to the king of Shedishan, who was supposed to grant me mercy due to my success in arena. It had been hinted throughout the game that the king had been acting strangely for some time, and it was then no wonder that he didn’t follow the opinion of the crowd and denied mercy from me. A block of text told that in rage I stroke him with my pain stick. Surprise, he was just a robot planted by Koshan to get monopoly on deeds to Bedhin 6!

I was struck by a guard, and after a couple of days of unconsciousness I read another block of text telling me that Shedishan had almost fallen into an anarchy, if it hadn’t been for the religious leaders taking control of the day-to-day politics. Under Shedish laws I now had the right to become the king of Shedishan. Koshan family had managed to retain their position by blaming one of their underlings for the robot affair.

My final task

Next, I was contacted by B.A.T., which had a new plan. My death was supposed to be faked and blame of it was to be laid upon Koshan Inc., which would then finally be kicked out of Shedishan. I would just first have to take a contract made with my hired killer to the vault of Koshan. This sounds really convoluted. If all B.A.T. needs is a controlling portion of the Bedhin 6 deeds, why couldn’t I do what my (fake and mechanical) predecessor did and create some new shares I could then gift to a representative of B.A.T.? Oh well, I’m supposed to get myself killed, so let’s get on with it.

A nice detail - everyone loves king, which makes stealing that much easier

Getting in Koshan building had been a problem before, but now I had a fairly good idea how to get in.

All it takes is some acid

And there’s the vault! Now I’ll just open it…

...or not

OK, let’s first go to this other room and turn that switch to turn the alarm system off

And THAT was the easy part!

Why do the French have to put practically insolvable puzzles at the very end of their games? I mean, Maupiti Island did it, Fascination did it and now Koshan Conspiracy does it.

I am meant to do something with that circuit board you see above. I can see that blue lights appear to represent 0 in binary and orange lights 1. = appears to check whether the two lights have the same colour and <> whether they have a different colour (at least mostly - there are couple of places where that appears not to be the case). The four lights at the center above change with no discernible pattern, changing at the same time the four lights on the right. I can press any of the blue lights on left, but not matter which and when I choose, I just get busted.

You are sure it’s all over

I’ve tried to bang my head on this one, but I just don’t have any idea what is going on here. Even my Request for Assistance didn’t help, although Voltgloss bravely offered some assistance. I’ve thus decided to do the only possible thing and declare this game Lost. According to walkthroughs, a) this appears to be final puzzle in the game and b) no one has any idea what is actually going on here, although some have solved it by brute forcing. Alas, I am unable to do even that, since every button I press just kills me. It’s a pity, since I’d have loved to at least see the ending of the game. Oh well, I guess I have nothing else to do now but to rate the game.

Session time: 4 hours
Total time: 33 hours, 45 minutes

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