Discussion point: What kind of game deserves a high score in Sounds and Graphics?

By The TAG Team

Sounds and Graphics

There’s a central dilemma in reviewing this category: should the scale reflect the technological development or be completely independent of it? In other words, should an EGA game always score worse than a VGA game? There are clear arguments for both sides. Certainly CGA graphics and PC beeper are hellish innovations and since then we’ve moved on to something much better.

Even monochrome would be better than this

Then again, one might say that we shouldn’t judge the worth of the artist on the tools they have in their use. And indeed, whatever the tools are (monochrome, EGA, VGA, 3D graphics etc.), there are better and worse uses of them.

Unless the second picture with its angular style is trying
to recreate Picasso, I am in favour of  the first picture

Other questions you might consider are:
  • How much subjective opinion should be allowed in evaluating this category? For instance, if a reviewer finds a graphical style or a music genre not to their taste, can this be reflected in the score?
  • Is the increase of realism in graphics always a positive thing? Could we give a game with cubistic, surrealist or abstract graphics a high score in this category?
  • Should we review the sounds and the graphics independently of the rest of the game, just deciding how beautiful or agreeable we think they are? Or should we be more interested in how well they enhance the game? In other words, if the music and the graphics disconcert us, but they are clearly meant to do so, is this a positive or a negative?
  • What emphasis should be given to the two aspects of the category? Should the score be divided 50-50 for sounds and graphics? Or could there be e.g. a game made in silent flick style, which would get a high score just for its graphics?

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