Red Dead Online hackers summon spooky skeletons to beat players up

Here's something to tickle your funny bone: hackers have figured out how to spawn two-headed skeletons into Red Dead Online, and they've been taking unsuspecting players by surprise.
First spotted by VG247, the skeletons have been getting the jump on PC players (and one reported case on PS4), a number of whom seem decidedly rattled by the experience. In one particularly entertaining post, a two-headed skeleton gets into a fist fight with a player in the middle of the road. Or Rhodes, rather.

So, where the hell are these skeletons coming from? According to a Steam forum thread, the modders responsible are most likely high up in an air balloon - which would explain why the skeleton seemingly appears out of nowhere in the first video. This also tallies with a number of recent posts on the subreddit reporting hackers spawning in the balloons, although it also looks like quite a fun day out in the desert.
Make no bones about it, hackers in Red Dead Online probably shouldn't be happening, but at least this one is less terrifying than the recent hack which attached piles of animal carcasses to players. I didn't need sleep anyway.

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